The unique design of the Scroll™ is perfect for everyday use in your home or office. This stylish, multipurpose stand allows the Scroll™ to have two unique holding positions allowing you to use your iPad in both landscape and portrait modes. That’s four different viewing options in one stand.

The optimal angle of the front side of the Scroll™ allows you to easily utilize your iPad, while simultaneously allowing charging and syncing via the dock connector. Adding to its versatility, the opposite side of the Scroll™ is perfect for watching videos, pictures and even displaying presentations on your iPad.

The Scroll™ is handcrafted in the U.S.A. from a single piece of 100% recyclable aluminum, efficiently combining both style and strength, without the hassle of moving parts.


  • Stylish multipurpose stand for your iPad
  • Dual sided stand with four unique viewing options
  • Holds your iPad in landscape and portrait modes
  • Connect your iPad’s dock connector for charging and syncing
  • Sturdy lightweight aluminum construction that’s 100% recyclable
  • No moving parts 
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